Public Commission, Danderyds Sjukhus 4 December 2014

Titles: Container and Tallskog
Light Boxes 100x100 cm
Client: Susann Brännström, Stockholms Läns Landsting
Location: Dagskirurgin

Whats Up North, Oulu 12th Sep-19th Oct

The event will be held in Oulu 12.-14.09.2014 and the exhibition will be open 12.09.-19.10.2014.

The exhibition is called What's Up North? and it asks the question: How the Scandinavian North is presented and experienced both from outside and inside? The theme is focusing on the diversity of Nordic cultures and environment.

The exhibition is curated by Beate Cegielska, Denmark, Kjersti Monsen, Norway, Gunilla Muhr, Sweden, Alla Räisänen, Finland and Stephanie von Spreter, Norway.

Sydney, Head On Photofestival 14th May-7th June

I´m invited to show the Boy Stories series at Stanley Street Gallery, during the Head On photofestival in Sydney.

In the series Boy Stories I´m traveling back in time, to a place where something happened, to a passing moment fixed and preserved in my consciousness . I´ve been wondering what happened to the memory during the travel of time. How it has changed, what has been preserved and how much that has been added on or been removed. Is it for real or just an illusion?
What I shows is created out of that kind of incomplete consideration.

Boy Stories is an investigation of the childhood memory in the presence just as much as it is a depiction of life in the past.